Looking for a Cleveland trumpet teacher? Look no further! Traci is currently accepting students of all ages and ability levels. If you live in the Cleveland area and are looking for an enthusiastic trumpet teacher, contact Traci for more information on rates and availability.

Traci's Teaching Philosophy:

I believe that studying music teaches a person much more than the art of self expression; studying music reveals a lot about life. In the study of trumpet, a young musician learns to create a beautiful tone production on the instrument and how to shape a melodic line within a greater context. In addition to these trumpet-specific skills, however, great lessons about being a team-player in an ensemble, creativity, dedication, habit-building, and the reward of daily practice become second nature. The accomplishments of a developing musician are as much about increasing ability level as of self-discovery and the joys that being a teacher to oneself, with guidance along the way, of course, from more accomplished musicians who personally understand the importance of this path. I love to teach because I enjoy being a part of this process.

In lessons of all ability levels I stress the importance of a vocal approach to playing the trumpet, understanding how to make anything musical, that fundamentals are important, and that challenges are opportunities for success. Individual problems are always addressed in personalized ways for each student. It is rewarding and fun to see the self-awareness and deserved confidence that comes with the dedicated study of trumpet.

For some great tips on trumpet playing, check out this list:

Traci's Trumpet Truisms (PDF)